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About US -PeopleCoach

At PeopleCoach, we live at the intersection of people and process.  First, we combine neuroscience, behavior and agile methodology to increase productivity and quality.  Secondly, we teach leaders how to create a culture which adapts to change.  This produces a working environment for your team to perform at their absolute best.


Over the past 22 years, founder, D. Ray Freeman, has had a front seat view of the pitfalls met by IT transformations. As a result, he felt there was a better way to build teams and expedite progress. Searching for a better solution, Freeman started researching.  What he discovered was an emerging science that combines neuro-psychology with behavior.  Freeman discovered the improved approach he’d been searching for by uniquely blending transformation with psychological knowledge.  Equally important, Ray and his team at PeopleCoach, have helped companies increase output, decrease defects and create healthy Agile teams.


“It is more important to coach people than to coach Agile”.  Our solution-based approach is different from the staff augmentation model used by our competitors.  We drive self sufficiency and empower your organization to thrive on its own.  As a result, our consulting engagements are more effective and typically shorter in duration.  We don’t just give you a warm body to burn hours, we custom design a solution to address your unique situation.


We draw from experience and multiple techniques to craft the most effective approach for each project. We are proud partners and certified practitioners of:

Our Mission

We believe that the greatest success comes from the intersection of mental and structural processes, and we know from experience that teamwork is at the core of productivity. That’s why we’ve developed hybrid programs that use a transition framework combined with neuroscience and human nature to empower anyone to establish an environment of continuous improvement and ultimate success.

Teamwork is a concept that extends far beyond the work environment. Our vision for PeopleCoach is to foster an environment of teamwork that permeates our communities and institutions to further collaborations and solutions in all aspects of life.

We help align teams and refine processes to deliver success. How can we help you deliver better?